Independent Artist – Mixing & Mastering

nice-studio-3nice-studio-1nice-studio-2nice-studio-4Welcome to the Niceman Studio where we specialize in recording, mixing, mastering, and arranging services specifically for independent artists, and independent artist budgets. Niceman Studio is a collective recording facility of engineers, performers, and composers that produce sonically exceptional music for CD/Digital release, visual media, live shows, and anywhere life’s soundtrack is presented.

Our studio, located in North Hollywood boasts of a stellar modular SSL console, custom-designed and built by niceman. Its supercharged workflow integrates the DAW with pristine analog quality, maximizing creativity and producing lush recordings with clarity, punch, and professional polish. Powered by SSL, Black Lion, UAD, and the most cutting edge digital tools, the setup in the studio efficiently brings recordings into commercial grade Class-A territory.

If you’re presenting your music to the industry, professional mixing and mastering can be the difference between getting your music heard or not getting it heard —- even for demos. So please contact us for a special Indie Artist quote, and take your recordings to the next level, in a fantastic creative environment or remotely online, at Niceman Studio.